Integrating the results into practice and social dialogue

Expert dialogue GrüneLunge Annika Fricke/KIT
Expert dialogue in GrüneLunge 1.0.

Expert dialogue

Interdepartmental dialogues on various topics (e.g. urban climate, heat island, urban trees) are held every six months with selected municipal departments involved in the project (horticultural office, real estate office, IT office, health office, planning office) in order to promote a broad interdisciplinary and interdepartmental exchange. In addition, the implementation of the management guideline developed in GrüneLunge 1.0 into the tree management system of the city of Karlsruhe will be continued.

Street tree forum: The social dialogue

As part of the collaborative project GrüneLunge 2.0, we have set ourselves the goal of working together with the horticultural department of the city of Karlsruhe and the KIT Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (KIT-ITAS) to introduce a participatory event format that offers the possibility of interactive exchange between urban stakeholders and the general public. This is intended to eliminate and prevent potential discrepancies in street tree management that may arise due to insufficient communication or transparency between the public and the municipality. The street tree forum will take place annually. The purpose is to communicate the City of Karlsruhe's diverse activities related to the development and inventory of urban street trees to the public in an understandable and descriptive manner. The current challenges for urban street trees will be presented to the public in various informative and descriptive dialogue formats. Participating citizens will be actively involved and have the opportunity to contribute themselves and their experiences. This should be a platform for constructive exchange between experts and citizens. Possible topics for this dialogue could include tree care, tree protection, privately owned tree species, initial plantings, and problems with street trees. More information on the first Street Tree Forum event will follow soon.
For a lively social exchange, we have also created a separate e-mail address to which you are welcome to send your suggestions and ideas: gruenelunge-im-dialog∂