Integration of the results into practice and social dialogue

Building on the research and development phase of the original project "GrüneLunge 1.0 - Inter- and Transdisciplinary Development of Strategies to Increase Resilience in Growing Cities and Urban Regions", developed approaches are implemented and consolidated in a practical way, and research results are integrated into the processes and practice of the city of Karlsruhe. Work package 4 is responsible for the practical implementation of the project results as a municipal practice partner and additionally supports the scientific project partners or work packages. 


Own, individual goals and contributions of this subproject are to be distinguished here from those intended in cooperation with the other, scientific project partners. The development of a city-wide tree management system, which focuses on the holistic tree population of the urban area of Karlsruhe with the three pillars of urban trees, forests in the urban area and private tree population. The aim is to record the private tree population and to integrate it into the monitoring and development of the tree population, the promotion of the preservation of vitality and quality, the quantity and the sustainability with regard to the


climate change. In addition, project data is integrated into the processes surrounding urban trees. This includes both the sensible supplementation of existing data sets with relevant, additional information as well as the transfer of the additional data gained in the project to the urban, digital infrastructure. Data sets can be optimized in this way, such as the height classes in the tree cadastre or the resolution of tree groups through GIS-supported individual tree recognition (tree cadastre optimization). The information gained in the project on individual tree species as well as their vitality and ecosystem services will be integrated into the planning of new green spaces or new and replacement tree plantings in order to ensure a sustainable tree population and future suitability with regard to climate change. In this context, site selection and tree species selection play an important role and will be improved by the project. Events in the field of public relations, citizen participation and awareness raising will be carried out. Likewise, further expert dialogues will be held and training events for city administration employees will be offered by the scientific project partners